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Avenue Park Residence



Avenue Park Residence is a new dwelling complex located in Plovdiv – Bulgaria, mainly designed for apartements and flats.

High quality of design and construction methods have been requested and implemented for this project as long as high quality of waterproofing materials and method of waterproofing installation which have been ensured by Valli Zabban and Triton Waterproofing Systems.

The projects inclueds 9000 m2 of horizontal and vertical waterproofing surfaces, around 1000 m2 of gardens and 3000 m2 of roofing for a total of 13000 m2 surfaces to be protected and waterproofed .

Project: Avenue Park Residence

Type of works: Foundations

Foundation total surface: 9000m2

Products: Gummiflex Special 4PL in two layers

Waterproofing installation company: Triton Waterproofing Systems

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