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The story of Valli Zabban began over ninety years ago. It was 1928 when Idrobitume Zabban was founded in Bologna for the production, transport and application of bitumen.

Some years later in 1945, the company Edile Stradale Valli Giulio & C. was formed, the leading Italian production hub for transforming bitumen for road paving and waterproofing materials.

In 2015 the Acoustic Division was added, through the acquisition of the Aetolia VZ srl company. Valli Zabban is today a modern company, a leader in Italy and in the world in the transformation of bitumen through its three sectors: Road Technologies, Waterproofing Systemsand Rubber

Technological research, product innovation, attention to environmental sustainability and the expansion of foreign markets are the four cardinal points of its leadership.


Valli Zabban believes that development must be sustainable for humankind and for the environment. The company is aware of the great commitment that this philosophy brings.

There are so many goals such as cutting down pollutant emissions, reducing energy consumption and manufacturing using recycling and re-use, cutting down waste and implementing the principles of the circular economy – and to achieve all of these a high level of technological know-how is required along with a programme of substantial investments that are constant over time.

But if today the name of Valli Zabban is becoming synonymous with responsibility and environmental sustainability, the merit must also and above all be attributed to the high professionalism of its human resources, that are the true company assets.


In the eighties, when the market underwent far-reaching changes, Valli Zabban felt strongly the possibility and necessity to expand.

It was the time for new alliances and industrial synergies. In 1982 the company became part of the Pontello Group, joined in 1984 by Calcestruzzi S.p.A. (Ferruzzi Gruppo), in 1995 a minor shareholding was acquired by Api (Anonima Petroli Italiana) and in 1998 the majority shareholding passed to Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Capital Italy & Manager.

In 2004 a new road opened up: General Beton Triveneta, a subsidiary of the Tonon Group, acquired 100% of the Valli Zabban share capital.

The Tonon Group, headed by the Tonon company, has been working in the general construction sector since 1955.

Over the years it has developed its business activities as a producer of solutions for the construction market: concrete, asphalt concretes, bitumen waterproofing and acoustic insulation, inerts, marbles and granites, electrical and mechanical systems, chemicals for concrete, plasters, external wall insulation systems, adhesives and laying services, the disposal of construction materials containing asbestos and many other special wastes.

The Tonon Group has worked and continues to work in the construction industry in Italy, China, Cuba, Lebanon, Poland, Romania, Russia, Tunisia and Ukraine.


The Goal of our Road Technologies Division is to drive the transformation of bitumen products for the construction and maintenance of safer and environmentally friendly and sustainable roads.

The Waterproofing Systems Division, where the company capitalized its technological Know-How in bitumen waterproofing membranes since 1982. Investment, development and research brought the company to achieve a leadership position in the waterproofing market.

The Rubber Technology Division was born in 2015 when Aetolia VZ, a leading company in the recycling of rubber from end-of-life tires (ELTs), specialized in the acoustic insulation sector, became an integral part of Valli Zabban.